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The Bible in Stained Glass

There is a “coffee table” book detailing the story of the Bible
in stained glass featuring the windows at Christ Church.
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From a time even before the practice of Christianity was legally permitted in the Roman empire, Christian congregations employed art to depict the central tenets of their faith. At Christ Church, our story in stained glass follows the story of God’s working through the Hebrew people, from creation to the preaching of the prophets, along the right wall of the nave (sanctuary) — right to left as Hebrew is read. On the left side of the nave (and the narthex) are scenes from the stories of Jesus of Nazareth, from birth to crucifixion, resurrection and ascension — left to right as the Greek language of the gospels is read. The final chapter in our story is told in the Revelation windows over the main doors of the church, as we leave.

Nave Window Plan

Revelation Window Plan

Revalation Window

Psalms Window Plan

Psalms Window

To learn more about the windows, click on link below and you will be
taken to the window illustration, its story and its Bible references.

These windows have all been designed and executed by
The Russell C. Goodman Stained Glass Company
and its successor,
the Goodman Zissoff Stained Glass Studio.
To learn more about the artists and their studio, click here.