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Special Season Digital Services


Nov. 11,  10:30 a.m.
Remembrance Day Service

Nov 15,  10:00
A Celebration of Ministries Service
Horseshoe Falls Regional Council
Live YouTube Link

Nov. 22, 9:02 & 10:30
Anniversary Sunday
Special Music Services featuring favourites from the 9:02 Band and the Chancel Choir.

Advent and Christmas Themes

November 29 – Advent 1
Prepare Him Room: Hopeful Joy

December 6 – Advent 2
Make the Nations Prove: Peaceful Joy

December 13 – Advent 3
Repeat the Sounding Joy: Loving Joy

December 20 – Advent 4
Make the Blessings Known: Unabashed Joy

December 24, 7:02 & 9 pm
Christmas Eve Worship: The Lord is Come: Incarnate Joy

December 27
Wonders of His Love: Compassionate Joy


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The Compass Newsletter


The Compass urgently needs your help
in this time of crisis!

Please go to The Compass website to find out how you can help and for more on the following stories:


The Christ First, United We Walk Team

assembled to support The Compass annual fundraising walk, knocked it out of the park this year.  The walkers raised $2,200 including $1,000 raised by the efforts of John Hammel and Elisabeth Evans.  How they have time to walk after tending our beautiful gardens we'll never know. See their story in the Happengings.


Learn more about our move
to 425 Lakeshore Rd. East, anticipated for October 2021.

A Refugee Family's Journey to Canada
The Transforming Power of Companionship on the Journey
Hussein & Alia Al Rmidain and children Mahmoud, Malak, Mariam, Mohammad

Audio Presentation, June 23, 2019

A Visioning Session, November 3, 2019, was held to help define our vision for the future and some ways we can actively seek and incorporate ideas from everyone in this process.  Summary Document

Did you know Christ First has an active
Future Planning Group (FPG)?

The Future Planning Group has projects underway
We would like your involvement!
For a listing of projects, contact information, and
how to get involved, please open This Document


Once we get back to normal, we will keep you informed of important upcoming events.



Important Dates

  • Essentrics – Tuesday & Thursday mornings
  • Quilting Group – Tuesday mornings
  • Coffee Hour- Port Credit Campus
  • Lenten Bible Study - The Rev. Dr. Ted Lutz – Monday evenings
  • Sip ‘n Serve-Wednesday mornings
  • Spring Thing schedule for April 25 postponed

This is the time when we usually start accepting applications for the upcoming fall Treats ‘n’ Treasures Christmas Marketplace, planned for Saturday, November 21, 2020. 


However, given the unusual circumstances that we are living in with the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing need for social and physical distancing, the Marketplace committee has decided to delay the process until Public Health officials and the Premier of Ontario have provided further guidelines and timelines for re-opening our communities.


We appreciate your patience with this process, as we are all finding our way with the "new normal".  At present the church is closed and our services are online.


Thank you for your patience and your support of this craft show.


Please watch this space for further information and please save the date!

Church Calendar

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Events being updated on a rolling
basis, due to COVID-19 Crisis.