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Sharing Your Gifts.

Please give, as you can, to help Christ First make God’s love real. 
Thank you for your generosity in sharing your gifts with us. 

2020 Stewardship Program

Stewardship Commitment
Please download form, fill it out, and take/email it to the office.
It can’t be filled out on line!

2021 Givings Form

Our annual Stewardship Program begins on October 18 and runs to November 8.

During this time, please reflect on what the Christ First spiritual community means for you and how you can offer your time, talent and financial gifts to help our church carry out God’s mission.  Listen to the stories from your fellow Christ First members and think about how you can support our church in 2021.  COVID-19 may have interrupted the usual rhythm of church life but it has not changed who we are: 

Spiritually Engaged, Community Focused, Caring & Connected.

Please select your preferred method of contribution.

Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)
PAR is a convenient way of giving for both you and the church.  You don’t need to remember to send a cheque each month and PAR will deposit money regularly into the church account. To go on PAR, you can download this form, fill it out, and mail or drop it to the church office.  If you need help, please call the church office at 905.822.9834.

Cheques issued to Christ First can be mailed to the church office or dropped off in the church mail box.

Donations can be accepted by on-line electronic transfer (e-Transfer) from your bank account to Christ First.  Go to your bank account and follow the electronic steps to direct your gift to

Canada Helps On-Line
Christ First uses Canada Helps for on-line donations. Select a donation options from the drop-down menu presented there.
CLICK HERE to go directly to our account. Please note, Canada Helps deducts a 4% fee from your donation.

Legacy Gifts

Why should you consider making a legacy gift?

Legacy gifts are one way you can make a lasting difference and bring Christ’s vital message of compassion and hope to others. You can use it to celebrate the memory of a friend or loved one, or direct your gift to the church’s mission that is most meaningful to you.  Through careful planning, your gift can help sustain the important work of the church and also provide you and your estate with valuable tax benefits.

Long Term Gifting

Bequests provide an opportunity to extend your lifetime support of God's work through a meaningful gift to Christ First or The United Church of Canada through your will.  A gift in your will can be a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate, a property, or another asset.  Your estate enjoys the tax benefits from the gift.

Life insurance can also be used to make a gift to the church in a way that allows you to make small contributions while you are living and provide a substantial fund to the church upon your death.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds Because you don’t pay capital gains tax and you get a charitable tax receipt for the current market value, the cost of making a gift using stocks, mutual funds, or other securities can be less than if you made a gift of the same amount using cash.

RRSPs, RRIFs, and TFSA’s  If you make Christ First the beneficiary of the proceeds of any registered fund, the church will issue a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of the gift. This in turn will have considerable tax benefits for your estate that will significantly offset the amount of your gift.


Gift of Time includes

Gift of Talent includes

How are these gifts administered?
Gifts to Christ First may be unrestricted or may be designated for a special purpose (subject to concurrence by the Church Council). Endowments are usually established to provide that the principal amount is held in trust, with investment income used for general or designated purposes. The funds are administered, depending on their nature, by the Church Council or by the Trustees.

How can I arrange a legacy gift?
Each type of gift has different benefits to you and the church, as well as different tax and financial implications. We encourage you to seek independent financial advice about any gift, and to discuss this information with the members of your family who should be aware of your decisions.

We are happy to provide you with further information on these programs.  Please contact Christ First to obtain more details and suggestions for seeking professional advice. All requests will be handled in confidence.